Telling African Stories

The African Story Teller is the premiere studio for conceptualising, designing and distributing African themed stories in modern creative formats. Our design team write and design African themes and subjects in various media: Cinema // Television // Web // Mobile // Interactive Media. Our content will be available shortly for all your devices. Checkout our e-store!


Zandar and the Azanian warriors is the super-hero of Africa and warrior king og its mystical wotlf og fantasy. Zandar does battle in magical jungles and on celestial planets far away in galaxies.

Nyaa Kono

Nyaa Kono is the lead character in this series which sees her chasing every new rumour and fad. Nyaa encounters comedic disappointments as she travels around experiencing the latest and popular subjects.


Nanze is a reboot of the Ananse folklore theme pitting his shadowy nemisis Sukuga and his league of misfits. Nanze is the hero, endowed with super-human powers and the finest weapons to resolve evil.